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Bolsas de estudos 2013 (noticia em inglês)

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The number of scholarships awarded to qualified high school seniors or full time College students of Portuguese descent is determined by the available funds raised for distribution.
The warded students have to voluntary 15 hours for Casa dos Açores, arranged according with their schedule.

To be considered for the Fall Term, all fully completed applications forms (with the appropriated documents) must be postmarked on or before September 30.
Applications received after this deadline will not be submitted to the Scholarship Committee.


1. The applicant must be of Portuguese descent, at least through one of his/her parents.

2. The parents or grandparents have to be members of the Casa dos Açores before April 1st 2013

3. The applicant must provide:

  • A copy of the High School or college transcripts.
  • A copy of the letter of acceptance from the institution (college, university or community college)

4. The applicant must include with the application one letter of recommendation, obtained sealed from the author.

5. The applicant must provide a copy of his/her class schedule by September 30

6. Each applicant is required to submit a three hundred (300) word essay on the subject "How my Portuguese heritage helps make me a better American citizen/resident"

7. The applicant must include a recent posed photograph of himself/herself suitable for possible publication.


1. Applicants must obtain forms from the Casa dos Acores. Requests may be sent along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Casa dos Acores da Nova Inglaterra - Scholarship Forms
232 South Main St.
Fall River MA 02721

2. The Casa dos Açores da Nova Inglaterra Scholarship will be awarded at our anniversary celebration on date and place to be announced.

3. Failure to comply with all the Requirements and Rules may be grounds to disqualify any applicant.

Student Form Application - click here.

Send completed forms and documents to:

The Casa dos Açores da Nova Inglaterra - Scholarship
232 South Main Str.
Fall River MA 02721


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